Piano Restoration Facts: Four Compelling Reasons to Have your Piano Restored

So.. you came to my site wanting some tips and honest answers about piano restoration eh… Well you came to the right place… Because on this blog that’s exactly what I’ll give you! Below are some facts proving that having your piano restored is in your best interests.

Piano Restoration Fact #01: Quality.

Pianos built in the golden years of American piano manufacturing, considered by most experts to be from the late 19th century to the second world war are considered to be of the best quality and design, made from the finest woods available in that era. Restoring your piano to its near original state will produce a level of quality uncommon or inaccessible in today’s piano brands.

Piano Restoration Fact #02: Investment.

While all pianos have a high rate of market retention in maintaining value, studies have shown that American vintage pianos have the highest accrual rate value of any musical instrument.  Investing in the maintenance and rebuilding of such instruments will always prove to be a wise choice.

Piano Restoration Fact #03: Lifespan.

Since the quality and craftsmanship of American vintage pianos is unparalleled you will find the lifespan much longer than the new piano brands, many named after great American companies but made in china or other 3rd world countries. A freshly restored piano made in the USA will prove to be a generational treasure something to be passed to your children and grandchildren.

Piano Restoration #04: Heirloom Value.

While the above facts are important, the most resounding reason that many people will opt to have their upright, square grand or baby grand piano rebuilt is because of sentimental reasons and its heirloom value to the individual and his/her family.  They cannot accept the notion of losing an old friend and wish to see the old family piano restored to its original grandeur.

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If you’re serious about restoring your piano you will need to find a professional piano restoration company that is reliable and does their work in a timely manner…

There are several restoration firms to choose from, but finding a restorer that has both reasonable, affordable rates and that is a true artisan and craftsman is hard to come by in todays market, but there is still a great choice available.

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Restoring a piano to its original status is a complex and labour intensive task. Finding a firm that specializes in only restoration proves to be extremely valuable in the long run due to the experience of rebuilding hundreds of pianos of various makes and models.

Experienced restoration firms will be much more effective and do higher quality work for near the same price as  the less experienced local rebuilder who in addition to their restoration work  will often do minor repair or tuning and/or maintain a piano showroom.

While the less experienced rebuilder will strive to do painstaking work, the lack of experience and shop set-up will hamper their task and often result in inferior results. Hiring a specialized restorer will prove to be the wise choice and result in a high quality finished product, very near the new original condition.

While having a piano restored will require planning and patience on the part of the owner the finished product will be  a fine quality, vintage American piano returned to like new condition that will never cease to amaze the ears and the eyes, truly a old friend that will be around for years to come.

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